Soup-er dooper

SO there you are trying to eat soup with chopsticks when someone comes along and ties one of your arms behind your back. Yet, by defying belief and logic, you manage to finish the whole lot off. Except for maybe a tiny little bit at the bottom.
That’s certainly how last Thursday’s derby day victory over Newcastle felt.
With the greatest will in the world, using rider replacement for Lemo left us weaker. And is if that were not bad enough, key reserve Jan The Man was ruled out on the day of the meeting after being cordially invited by Steve Boxall to take a closer look at the Rye House fence the night before.
Still, Lewis Blackbird looked a more a more than useful guest as he soared from last to first in his opening ride. He’d do a great job for us, wouldn’t he? Well no actually – the itinerary of his visit to Teesside suddenly featured a trip to James Cook University’s A and E department as his chain came off and flung him to the floor in only his second race.
Great. Just blooming great.
But, to return to the chopsticks/soup analogy, the lads licked their lips, flexed the muscles in their one remaining operational hand, plunged in their surviving oriental eating utensil and gobbled up the broth quicker than you could say ‘minestrone’.
They didn’t manage to take all three points from the match (that was the reference to the tiny bit of soup left at the bottom, in case you didn’t pick up on it) but nevertheless getting the win was a remarkable achievement that took determination by the bucketload
It wasn’t the only meandering route littered with obstacles that our lads have had to negotiate this season either. Remember the comeback from 15 points down against Workington? If we want to bring a soup reference into that one, we could say it was like someone hiding the tin in bread bin and damaging that bit you turn at the end of the can opener.
Will we be able to plunge our gleaming spoon unhindered into a hot and tasty bowl of mulligatawny when Berwick visit next Thursday or will our mealtime be again fraught with difficulties? We’ll soon find out!
Cock a leekie anyone?

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