Richard Hall apologises

Redcar Bears star Richard Hall has issued an apology and explanation after the incident with Josh Auth at Scunthorpe yesterday which resulted in him being excluded from the rest of the meeting:

I would like to make an apology to Josh Auty, Scunthorpe and Redcar Speedway (including my team mates) and spectators present at the Scunthorpe V Redcar League Cup meeting on 6/4/14. During heat 7 Josh knocked me off entering bend 1 of the first lap which resulted in an injury to my shoulder (which I had a major operation to repair last year) and extensive damage to my bike. After getting up from the floor, I heard my bike revving flat out under the air fence which caused the engine to blow up. At the time I was extremely angry, was in a lot of pain and felt devastated at the cost that Josh’s actions had resulted in. As I walked to my bike I heard Josh Auty swear at me and out of anger and in the heat of the moment I kicked him, which I immediately regretted.
I am sincerely sorry for my actions which I deeply regret. My actions were out of character, I have never acted this way before during a meeting and I accept that I was foolish and wrong to do so. I feel I have let myself and Redcar speedway down on this occasion and am extremely sorry I acted on impulse and out of emotion. I was fined and was expelled from the rest of this fixture which I accept was a fair punishment.
Speedway is a high adrenaline and dangerous sport and it is easy to lose your judgement during a moment like this. I have no issues with Josh Auty, my action was performed in the heat of the moment and I sincerely hope the injury caused by his fall heals quickly. I accept that my actions cannot be condoned, I am devastated about the situation I have put myself in due to a split second decision.


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