Can’t go anywhere without being recognised…

FAME at last! The bloke selling the 50-50 draw tickets at the Eddie Wright Raceway insisted he recognised me as soon as I appeared at his kiosk last Friday.

“I saw you last night,” he said, with unwavering conviction, before adding with rather more uncertainty, “now where could it have been?”
I told him he may have seen my picture in the programme for the first leg of the Bears v Scunny KO Cup clash, or maybe he’d seen me in the pits interviewing riders either for the Gazette or with Andy Micklewright for the DVD of the meeting.
“No, that wasn’t it,” he replied, “I wasn’t at the meeting.”
This was a curveball I hadn’t seen coming and it concerned me. The bloke swore blind he’d seen me but he hadn’t been in the same place as me.
Was he an undercover cop who’d had me monitored by his men? Was my image being circulated with a big WANTED sign above it? For one horrible moment I thought the Cardiff weekend had caught up with me.
“I know,” he said suddenly, “I was following your updates on Twitter! You’re the Spiky Haired Journo Who Covers Redcar Bears!”
Indeed I am and that’s what it says on my Twitter profile page (@gazettespeedway – all new followers welcome) so fortunately that was all cleared up.
He didn’t sell me a winning draw ticket but there was cause for celebration at the end of the meeting as Redcar Bears secured their place in the KO Cup semi-finals for the first time ever.
If you weren’t there, you missed a helluva performance by our boys from top to bottom. They were fired up from the start and kept it going right through the meeting. And to think we worried that a 10-point lead might not be enough!
I’d missed the previous weekend’s road trips to Workington and Edinburgh on account of the fact that I was assisting Nealo Jnr’s move down London on what coincided with his birthday weekend.
So while the Bears were giving it a good go at Workington, I was with the family using chopsticks to tuck into a plate of crocodile in vine leaves at a posh West End restaurant. Very nice too I might add.
Being somewhere other than trackside when the Bears are racing is something of a rarity for me and our weekend in The Smoke meant I also missed the previous night’s excellent victory at Edinburgh, so naturally I was delighted to have a fine win to report on my return to awayday duties.
I said at the start of the season that it could be a good season to follow the Bears and so far it looks like I was spot on. Long may it continue.


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