In Dyer need of lasting recognition

THIS evening I shall be at South Tees Motorsports Park digging deep into by pockets to support a very worthy cause – well, two, if you want to be picky.

I may actually go home with the shirt still on my back or even a couple of quid to the good. And it’s a cast iron certainty I’ll win a bottle of wine in the raffle since I always seem to at a speedway do.
But that’s not the point. I’ll be there because it’s a fund raiser to rake in some cash for Bears pair Max Dilger and Carl Wilkinson who each wrecked a bike in the very first meeting of the season.
Poor Max is still hobbling around on crutches with a broken tibia… although I think I was the only one to spot the irony of the photo he posted on Twitter of his flight home to Germany with sign saying ‘Cityhopper’ behind his plastered leg.
These guys deserve our support and, as a speedway supporter for several decades, I’m happy to do my bit.
But I also have an idea for another fund-raising campaign – to build a statue of Micky Dyer.
Not just any old statute either, but a massive bronze job like the one of Kim Il Sung that towers over the impoverished people of North Korea outside the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun in Pyongyang.
You know the one – visitors to it are expected to talk in hushed but reverent tones, lay flowers at its feet and eulogise about the great man’s accomplishments.
Let’s have the same for Micky, I say.
His early season form as been phenomenal. Not since the days of Josh Auty have the Bears had a reserve with such potent scoring power.
I’m not the superstitious type but, the omens didn’t look when we went to Berwick For a start, the washing machine in Neal Towers packed in and then the pre-match pizza proved to be a massive let-down.
I was going to Tweet something along the lines of “mediocre pizza, hope the meeting’s better” but I had tomato sauce on my fingers and didn’t want to get my phone dirty.
But our man Micky, who had notched double figures in the Bears’ first win of the year two nights earlier, gave a sensational performance which included a last race match win over Seb Alden to clinch a crucial away victory.
And he was at it again last Thursday as the Ecco Finishing Bears produced a comeback Take That would have been proud of to repel a border raid by the Bandits.
He wasn’t able to follow that up at Leicester due, chiefly, to the fact he finished the meeting on his spare bike after having engine trouble with his first choice machine.
But we can forgive him that and you’d fancy him to score a few points against our nearest and dearest this Thursday.
So if your luck’s in this evening and you win a couple of quid on race six or in the stand-up bingo, put aside a few bob for the Micky Dyer Statue Fund. . .


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