A touch of déjà vu

THERE’S nothing like a good start to the season to set you up for six months of speedway action.

Oh, hang on, I used an intro along those lines in my last bog, didn’t I?
There’s certainly been a touch of déjà vu about the start of this season, though, so I guess it’s entirely apt.
Okay so last season’s curtain raiser resulted in a victory over Newcastle rather than a defeat like this year, but once again there was an injury to key member of the team in the first meeting against the Geordies and a defeat up on Tyneside three days later.
This year the loss was heavier, however, and came the night after another fairly sizeable defeat at Workington.
And don’t get me started on the weather. Cold doesn’t come into it – I swear I passed a family of penguins on the way home last Thursday.
To make matters worse the elastic on my long johns gave up the ghosts and I ended up waddling along like I’d had an accident.
To cap it all I spilt curry sauce down the front of my coat at Newcastle before I’d managed a single mouthful of chips. Yep, it was that kind of week.
If Carlsberg did starts to the speedway season, they’d take one look at ours and deny all responsibility.
The one bright spot of the opening days of our fledgling season, however, has been the form of winter signing Micky Dyer.
He reminded me of one of those ice creams I used to get from Mr Whippy as a kid – Screwballs I think they were called.
Screwballs came in a plastic cone and you had to wade your way through heaps of fairly ordinary ice cream before finally coming to the best bit…. a deliciously sweet bubblegum at the bottom!
Micky was our bubblegum at the bottom. While much of what was above him did little to excite, the Bears’ No 7 – at the bottom end of the averages – was a tasty and durable treat.
He was nothing short of outstanding at Derwent Park, and his heat 15 win to deny Rene Bach and Rusty Harrison their full maximums made sure the Bears fans present went home with something to smile about.
He had another win at Newcastle the following night and almost took Stuart Robson’s scalp too. We might well have unearthed a gem here.
A week’s a long time in speedway though and it’s early days. So I’ll put the cliché machine down now, dig out a better pair of long johns for this week’s trip to STMP and look forward to better in week two of the 2013 campaign.
Up the Bears.
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