It’s nearly time

THERE’S nothing like a lovely spell of spring weather to get you in the mood for the speedway season.

And what we’ve been experiencing lately is, of course, nothing like a spell of lovely spring weather.
If the lonely and weather-beaten daffodil in the front garden of Neal Towers could talk, it would have been screaming at me to put it out of its misery for the last two weeks.
I swear it’s been giving me daggers every morning as I’ve braved the snow, rain and wind on my way to the car. I’m beginning to believe that daffodils have feelings too.
A #prayfordaffodil internet campaign can’t be far off.
But nonetheless I’m well ready for a bit of sideways action now.
After a busy season of travelling all over the country with my notebook, dictaphone and laptop, I’m always ready for a break come the end of October.
But by about February I’m usually climbing up the curtains and chomping at the bit for the first meeting and this year has been no different.
Last season was memorable for mostly the wrong reasons – Havvy’s crash, riders who couldn’t or wouldn’t ride to their potential, rotten weather and a battle to avoid the wooden spoon…
But a late season resurgence brought a smile back to our faces and even a challenge for some silverware.
So this season begins with an air of optimism wafting around South Tees Motorsports Park – and it’s all about to start again.
Skids at Scunthorpe, excitement at Edinburgh, red hot racing at Redcar… it’s almost upon us.
That familiar sweet smell of engine fumes will again fill our nostrils on Saturday as the 2013 Bears congregate for the first time at press and practice day.
And just five days later we’re up and running properly when our nearest and dearest from Newcastle visit in the first meeting of the year.
I’ll be following the Bears pretty much everywhere again this season, so don’t forget to see the paper or log on to for all the news, views, previews, reports and reactions.
There will be regular blogs through the season too as I take a sideways slant on the sport and regale you with witty and amusing tales from around the country. Hopefully.
If you’re on Twitter, follow me at @gazettespeedway and if you’re unable to make it to a meeting, home or way, remember I’ll be tweeting updates from most of them – just look for #bearslive
And let me know what you think. Go on, don’t be shy. Leave a comment under my blog, tweet me or email me. You can even buy me a pint but I guess it reflects better on me if you take one of the previous options.
Now bring on the season.


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