I’ve seen the light

THIS week I am celebrating a landmark event on the calendar.

No, not football’s transfer deadline day, the Jewish New Year for Trees or National Storytelling Week although I’ll happily agree that all of these are worthy of enthusiastic recognition.
No, it’s an occasion I spend many months looking forward to in eager anticipation and which I greet with a satisfied smile of relief and contentment: The day I drive all the way home from work without needing to put my car headlights on.
It’s a big deal and here’s why…
It’s not simply the relief of saving on the enormous effort of flicking the switch on an off nor the knowledge that it’s putting a few extra hours on the life of the battery.
It’s an important and meaningful landmark in the wilderness months of the calendar.
With the Christmas cards long since plucked from the mantelpiece to be pulped and the jumper with the dodgy pattern bought by mad Aunty Maude now safely at the back of the wardrobe, it’s time to look ahead.
The momentous day that the headline switch remains steadfastly in the ‘off’ position is a message that the evenings are becoming lighter and spring is on its way.
As Disciples of the Shale we welcome this like Mackem greets his Giro.
It’s a signal that the speedway season is around the corner and that we’ll soon be letting that sweet smell of burning methanol and oil waft up our nostrils as the gladiators and their brakeless beasts once more come under our gaze.
What’s more the fixtures are out early this year too. Result!
So with brighter, warmer weather on its way and team-building complete, we can dig out our diaries and the old A to Z of Britain in readiness to plan our spring and summer months.
It’s fair to say that this blog has been in hibernation for a while, but according to the terrace chant We Are Redcar Bears. And what to bears do? That’s right, they hibernate, so I’m cool with that.
So with the car headlights ceremoniously switched off it’s time to climb out of the bear’s lair and back in to cyberspace. Keep checking back for more instalments folks!
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