That’s enter train-ment

MY journey to tonight’s Bears home match will be more than a little shorter than last week’s – by about 300 miles in fact.

I’d been down south to take in some Olympic action and on the morning of race day I was sitting in my mum’s living room in deepest, darkest Essex having a cuppa before jumping on a series of trains to get me home via via King’s Cross and Darlo.
I arrived home at Neal Towers just in time for a quick wash and change before heading straight back out of the door again to get to South Tees Motorsports Park.
Dedication eh? Never let it be said that your local shalesports scribe doesn’t put his public first.
The Olympics were amazing. There was an incredible buzz in London about the Games and I was delighted to have been a small part of it.
Even my father-in-law, who admits he doesn’t know one end of a football from the other, has been loving it.
But Thursday night in speedway night and the mad rush back simply had to be made.
It won’t be the last such trek in the name of speedway either.
The night before the British Grand Prix in Crdiff I shall be in Belgium.
But the moment I step off the ferry at Hull I’ll be embarking on a rail journey via Doncaster, Birmingham and Bristol which – all being well – will get me to the Prince of Wales in time to join the gang for a pre-GP drink.
I’ll be arriving at about 4 o’clock in case you fancy having a pint waiting for me when I get there.


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