Give gaz a gong!

APOLOGIES for sounding like your mad old Nana who keeps telling you the same old stories – but this needs to be said again!

Once again an honours list has been published and once again there is no mention of Gary Havelock.
I’ve banged on about this before and I’ll bang on about it for as long as necessary because this is an outrage.
It’s easy enough to nominate any Tom, Dick or Harry for an OBE, MBE a knighthood or whatever.
All you have to do is visit the website and fill out the form.
You could even nominate me if you wanted, for services to speedway journalism, parmo eating and talking rubbish after a few beers in the pub.
But there are certain criteria which have to be met and it’s fair to say that the men in suits may well wave away any call to award me an honour with a raised eyebrow and a perplexed shake of the head.
Not so Havvy, however. He’s not any Tom. Dick or Harry. He’s Gary Havelock.
The questions we are told to ask ourselves when making a nomination are as follows. Has he or she:
Made a difference to their community or field of work?
Brought distinction to British life and enhanced its reputation?
Exemplified the best sustained and selfless voluntary service?
Demonstrated innovation and entrepreneurship?
Carried the respect of their peers?
Changed things, with an emphasis on achievement?
Improved the lot of those less able to help themselves?
Displayed moral courage and vision in making and delivering tough choices?

Well what do you think?
We’re talking about a guy who has served his chosen sport for 27 years during which time he has brought honour to his country by winning the world championship and being captain of his national side.
He’s won a shedload of other honours too and underlined his commitment to unearthing stars of the future by launching his School of Excellence with Joe Screen this year.
The price a speedway rider can may for all of this has the potential to be massive – as Havvy himself knows too well.
An horrific track crash at the start of the season has left him with no movement or feeling in his left arm as he sets off along the long road to recovery.
But is he moping around feeling sorry for himself? Is he Nelly!
He’s already started playing an active role in the pits on race nights – still serving the sport he’s dedicated his entire working life to by giving valuable help and advice to his team-mates.
Gary Havelock deserves an honour from the Queen. It’s as simple as that.
So let’s make it happen! Here’s the link:
Read, digest, act. Let’s get Gaz the gong he deserves!


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