No ice? Not nice

I KNEW it was all going so well that sooner or later someone was going to pull the rug from under my feet.

And sure enough they did. Mr Whippy, I hope you’re happy with yourself.
You know what it’s like sometimes when you’re riding along on the crest of a wave and you get the feeling that the inevitable is just a matter of time away – that you’re going to end up hurtling into the briny and come up spitting out seaweed.
So let’s take a look back at the past week or so.
The football team I’ve supported since I was a kid ended the season with an outrageously large bang, an enormously pleasant night out at my favourite pub unexpectedly presented itself and Nando’s sent a big box of free food for the hungry folk of Gazette Towers to tuck into. With extra hot piri-piri sauce thrown in.
And when I went to get my hair cut, the gadgie with the clippers even trimmed my eyebrows. You know you’re on a roll when that happens.
On top of all that, summer has leapt out on us like a dog from behind a bush and bitten us on the bottom.
Thursday was a proper, shorts, shirt sleeves and shades day. A beautiful night for some sideways action – and obviously the obligatory nice cold ice cream to cool us down.
But just as is seemed things couldn’t get any better, the awful truth became apparent. Mr Whippy wasn’t there.
Maybe he was caught out by the sudden arrival of summer. Perhaps he’d sold out of ice cream. Or he may have decided that it was too nice a day to be stuck in an ice cream van when he could be stretched out in the sun on a lounger reading a book and slapping on the factor 15. While enjoying a 99 with raspberry sauce.
Whatever the reason, he wasn’t there. And the heavily-hyped pre-meeting buzz in anticipation of the first ice cream of summer was replaced by an empty cone-shaped feeling of despair.
Fortunately, however, the meeting was a great advert for speedway. If this was your first meeting, you’d have spent the rest of the night climbing the curtains in exasperation at what you’d been missing out on all your life.
It had a bit of everything – drama, controversy, excitement, the lot. What’s more the atmosphere was the best it’s been at South Tees Motorsports Park for a good couple of seasons and the Bears won!
So I think I’ll forgive Mr Whippy’s non-presence this time, but if it’s sunny again next Thursday. . .


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