A message from Havvy

I HAD a surprise phone call from Gary Havelock today with a message for the many, many friends and fans who have wished him well since his crash.

Havvy is currently recovering from multiple injuries in hospital and wants everyone to know how grateful he is for your support.
Here’s his message:
On the 22nd of March I sustained an injury known as a brachial plexus to the left shoulder, double fracture of the left humorous, fracture of the collarbone, fracture of the left shoulder as well as seven fractured ribs.
As you may know I was transferred to Leeds where there is a specialist unit for dealing with the nerve damage I sustained in my shoulder.
Since being here I have undergone two operations, the first to remove three nerves from the back of my legs and graft them into my shoulder; the second to repair the damage to my left arm.
The injuries I have sustained have been severe and with all the trauma of the two operations it has left me with no feeling or movement in my left arm at present.
My specialist assures me this is not unusual with such a severe type of injury.
At present my left arm is strapped to my body to allow the grafts to take effect and hopefull in four to six weeks’ time I will see some improvement and will be able to begin some physiotherapy, which will be the next step on my road to recovery.
I would like to thank each and every one of my fans and friends who either, through get well cards, messages or social network sites, have sent their prayers and good wishes for my speedy recovery.
It has been very touching and means a great deal to me that so many people, far and wide, are thinking of me and my family at this difficult, troubled time.
I will be fighting 100% to regain full fitness and hope to see you again soon.
PS. I’m hanging out for a parmo!


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