It’s a dog’s life

IGOR Pavlov knew what it was all about didn’t he?

No, he’s not one of the Russians who started the season in the Leicester team – he’s the physiologist and psychologist who studied conditioning, temperament and involuntary actions.
Put simply he’s the geezer who made dogs feel hungry when he rang a bell.
Actually whether he did indeed ring a bell is open to some debate, but that’s not really something we need to think deeply about in a blog about speedway.
What we know is that, during Pavlov’s work, Rover the pooch began to associate certain sounds and occurrences with a big, heaped bowl of tasty Winalot.
And there’s some sort of Pavlovian force at work in speedway too.
That’s because every time I think of Sheffield Speedway, I think of eating a pizza.
The handily-placed Pizza Hut across the road from Owlerton Stadium has been an essential pre-meeting eating place over the years – to the point that thinking of Sheffield Speedway now automatically has me thinking of a nice big Pepperoni Feast with masses of jalpenos on the side.
If only Pavlov hadn’t thought of it first.
Whenever I mention to the Sports Desk lads at Gazette Towers that I’m off to Sheffield, someone will always say “you’ll be going to Pizza Hunt first, then?”
And every time I answer in the affirmative.
So when it came down to sorting arrangements for this weekend’s Premier League Riders’ Championship, the ‘to do’ list wrote itself: Check pool car is available; arrange pick-up times and points; book table at Pizza Hut. Sorted!
Don’t forget, if you can’t make next Friday’s end of season awards do at the Central, I’ll be posting a special live blog to announce the winner of the Rider of the Year trophy.
To cast your vote, visit


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