I think therefore I am

ISN’T it funny how we sometimes have an entirely different take on a situation to those around us?

Take last weekend’s visit to Derwent Park for the Workington v Bears clash, for example.
Anyone who has ever taken the journey across the A66 to the home of the Comets will know that’s a lovely trip.
On a warm and cloudless day it’s even more spectacular.
And that’s exactly what I was thinking as I piloted the Gazettemobile through stunning scenery as our journey neared its end.
The ragged, rocky hills provided a striking backdrop to the calm waters of the lake to our right, made even more beautiful by the bright sunlight that glistened from its surface.
However my train of thought was abruptly broken by my travelling companion, who shall remain nameless (but he’s a big bloke, is prone to dressing up as a whoopee cushion and answers to the name of Drac).
“I don’t want to be morose,” he ventured, “but if you’d murdered someone and wanted to dump the body, that lake would be a great place to do it.”
I hadn’t really looked at it that way but, given its tranquil location, I suppose he was right – not that I (nor, I’d like to believe, he) can ever envisage requiring the lake for said purpose.
But there it was, a classic case of one situation, two completely contrasting viewpoints.
It’s the kind of scenario you have to deal with fairly routinely as a sports scribe.
Matej Kus missed that meeting at Workington because he was on World Cup duty with the Czechs, and there’s no doubt at all that, had he been in the side, the Bears could quite possibly have won.
In the aftermath there were suggestions that maybe Kus wasn’t the man for the job if he was going to be missing key meetings.
Personally I think he’s a great signing and the advantages he brings to the side when he’s in it by far outweigh the disadvantages of the odd occasion when he isn’t.
Same situation, different viewpoints.
Take the start to the Bears’ PL season too.
A narrow win over Scunny at home and a big win over Newport, plus a point at Berwick on the road but defeats at Edinburgh and Worky.
Good or bad? No fan likes to see their side lose but, by the same token, there was plenty of positives to be taken.
It would be a strange old world if we all thought the same way (although there’s no excuse for anyone NOT agreeing that every chippie in the country should sell parmos) so I guess it’s just a case of respecting each other’s way of thinking, even if it differs radically from our own.


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