An Ode to Butcombe

I’M a poet, if you did but know it.

Sitting at my desk here at Gazette Towers, I’ve suddenly come over all poetic.
So much so, in fact that I have felt moved to let my creative juices flow and write a poem.
It’s actually a limerick as opposed to an artistic masterpiece to give TS Eliot a run for his money but, hey, I’m still learning so be patient OK?
I’ve called it An Ode to Butcombe and here it is:
There was a fat bloke who liked Butcombe,
From the North-east of England he did come,
He gave three cheers.
For all of the beers,
as he went to Somerset to drink some.

For the uninitiated, Butcombe is a West Country beer, available on draught in the Brent Knoll Lodge, just a few minutes’ trot from the Oak Tree Arena in Highbridge and regular base for Bears fans visiting the home of the Somerset Rebels.
Due in part to having a name guaranteed to amuse any fan of schoolboy humour, and also the fact that it’s a blooming nice pint, Butcombe has assumed legendary status on our speedway treks down to that neck of the woods.
And with Saturday’s press and practice day at South Tees Motorsports Park fast approaching, I’ve found my head filled with thoughts of the season to come.
Press and practice day, of course, is the launch of the new season. The first time the newly assembled team will have been all together, our first whiff of that sweet smell of burning oil and methanol, our first washing machine full of clothes covered in shale.
It will also be our first chance to meet up with friends and acquaintances of whom we see precious little over the winter and, with that, a first chance to plot our trips across this green and pleasant land to follow our team.
Chicken kebab at the chippy in Berwick, some of that lovely Butcombe in Somerset, a pre-meeting pizza in Sheffield. . . suddenly they’re all within reach.
So if you’re planning on going to Press and Practice, it starts at 3pm and it’s followed by a meet the riders do in the Bears Bar.
It’s all in a working day for me, of course, and you can read my now traditional two-page preview of the season in Wednesday’s Gazette.
I’ll be doing all the usual news, views, previews and reports in the Gazette and on all season too and don’t forget you can follow me on Twitter too.
See you on Saturday!
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