Give Gaz and Booey a gong

RIGHT, the last of the turkey has been eaten, I’ve munched through my own bodyweight in Quality Street and my liver is screaming for mercy – so it’s time for a rant.

Given that Christmas was a week ago it’s no longer the season of goodwill to all gadgies so I feel I’m fully justified in having a pop.
Step forward anyone who has anything to do with dishing out the New Year Honours, and hang your heads in shame.
Once again you have scandalously overlooked deserving recipients in favour of those whose achievements have thus far reached a lesser level.
For that reason I hope no-one turns up to your New Year’s Eve party and, if they do, that someone has a wee in your bottle of Glenmorangie then helps themselves to your bowl of Doritos without washing their hands.
My gripe is that yet again Gary Havelock and Eric Boocock will go into a New Year without just recognition for their personal sporting achievements.
Take Havvy for example – he’s been World, British and Overseas champion and won countless other individual and team honours.
He’s still winning races nearly 26 years after his first competitive spin on shale and, if you want to play the charity card, he’s patron of the National Association for Bikers with a Disability too.
Booey, who started his racing career with Middlesbrough in 1965, is still actively involved in speedway as manager and co-promoter of Sheffield.
A true legend of the sport, he was (along with Colin Pratt) the last manager to lead an England team to World team glory and has served on the BSPA management committee besides.
His autobiography is also excellently ghost-written but I’m not sure that’s one of the criteria.
Now contrast the achievements of those two to Howard Webb. Now Howard Webb MBE.
The bloke who didn’t send Nigel de Jong off for a “kung fu” challenge on Xabi Alonso.
OK he was the first ref to take charge of the Champions League and World Cup finals in the same year and he’s been the man in the middle for a number of other big games too.
But, for me, he’s yet to achieve in his chosen field of sport what Havvy and Booey have in theirs.
And how about Graeme McDowell?
Again, don’t get me wrong – he’s no slouch on the golf course – a US Open win and the glorious putt that made sure the Yanks didn’t get their mitts on the Ryder Cup is testimony to that.
But once again if I were charged with drawing up the list of worthy MBE candidates I’d have Havvy and Booey ahead of him.
So I propose a course of direct action.
There’ll be no protest on the streets of London with a bunch of hooded anarchists hell-bent on wanton destruction added to the ranks for good measure.
No, my way of getting the message across is much more simple yet potentially more effective.
I’m going to nominate Havvy and Booey for recognition the next time they dish out gongs.
And I’d urge you to do likewise.
Let’s do our bit to get these guys the credit they deserve – here’s how to do it
Rant over, now where’s my copy of the words to Auld Lang Syne. . . ?


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