Up for the cup?

LIKE all fair-minded, decent human beings with a modicum of common sense, I can’t stand Manchester United.

I actually hate Hugh Grant more. Here’s a man who has made millions out of playing the same character in every film – a floppy-haired posh bloke with no social skills and the hots for some nice young lady with whom he eventually gets off.
But I digress. Manchester United of course finished with nothing more than the Carling Cup on Sir Alex’s mantelpiece last season which, of course, was very, very funny.
My best mate is a Man Utd fan and I happily taunted him with chants of “All you won was a Mickey Mouse Cup” and worse for months.
The Carling Cup. So insignificant that everyone’s forgotten about it by the time the real trophies are dished out in May.
Heck, when it was called the Worthington Cup, every football fan in the country re-christened it the Worthless Cup!
It’s a competition no-one can take seriously and one we’re definitely not bothered about. . .
. . . unless, of course, our team wins it.
And then we can’t speak highly enough of its stature on the fixture list or the importance and the impressive nature of our victory.
Boro fans who were at Cardiff in 2004, you know what I mean.
Chelsea fans, more accustomed to bigger prizes these days, you know what I mean – remember 2005 against the Scousers?
And Redcar Bears fans, you know the feeling too.
For the Carling Cup, read the Tweed-Tees Trophy.
At the start of the year it would have been seen as a filler fixture – slotted in around the ‘important’ meetings to prevent a boring Thursday without speedway.
But as the season lunged from bad to worse to ‘what have we done to deserve this’, we found ourselves badly in need of a pick-me-up.
And the Tweed-Tees Trophy provided just that.
After losing by just four points in a bruising first leg up in the Borders, the optimism and excitement was back – both in the pits and on the terraces.
And when victory was secured in the second leg on home shale, we finally had something to cheer.
Well done lads – it WAS a good win and it DID mean something.
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