I’m a hero

THERE’s no doubt about it, I’m expecting a statue of me to be erected outside South Tees Motorsports Park.

Why? Because I’m among an elite group of never-say-die road warriors who overcame the odds, and completed our mission when it looked for all the world like we were doomed to failure.
While others fell by the wayside and succumbed to the magnitude of the task, we fought on valiantly and achieved our aim.
Defeat was not an option. For us the thought of being vanquished did not exist. Our aim was clear, our vision clearer and our focus clearer still.
Yes, I’ve been feted as a hero and my kudos has gone through the roof – and rightly so because. . .
It’s a scientifically-proven fact, of course, that it only takes Joe Bloggs to get a flat tyre on his Ford Fiesta and the entire road network in northern Britain grinds to a halt.
The accident that closed the A1 and precisely the time the Bears Army was heading down to South Yorkshire for Thursday’s Premier League clash was rather more serious than that so, as a result, anyone using that stretch of road to get to the Leeds Festival must have been tempted to whip out their tents and set up camp for the night.
For those in the Gazette Sports Desk pool car, however, this was not Mission Impossible. For us it was not so much a problem as an opportunity.
In this instance an opportunity to use our navigational skills to find a way of joining the A1 south of Boroughbridge, where the road had been closed.
And thanks to the foresight and logistical skills of our ace navigator, we completed the job with the minimum of fuss.
So adept was our navigator in getting us to Sheffield in time for our customary pre-meeting pizza that I believe Charlotte Jackson Navigational Solutions will soon become a public limited company.
If you were among the unlucky band of fans that was defeated in Operation Get To Sheffield, you didn’t miss a great deal to be honest.
The Bears put up a decent fight in their final league match of the year, fell away at the end and picked up yet another injury. Story of the season really.


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