More than a feeling

I HAVEN’T had that feeling since I was a spotty teenager, shuffling nervously towards the front door of a girl I’d gone round to ask out.

I’d fancied her for a while, but now it was time for action.
The vibes were good, everything was pointing in my favour – I just to stay calm, remain focussed and keep believing.
There was an enthusiastic crowd there to support me too – albeit just Ken (who had a car) and Paul (who had been a loyal supporter of my efforts to woo her and wasn’t going to miss the nerve-tingling finale for the world).
It could have gone either way. All that hard work might have been for nothing – but this was not a time for the faint-hearted. There was a prize to be won.
I knew there would be no second chances – I had to get straight down to business: “I think you’re lovely and I want to go out with you.” No messing – just on with the job in hand.
And she said ‘yes’ – she did want to go out with me.
OK she was a little taken aback at my victory salute to Ken and Paul in the car along the road but, hey, I was happy, she was happy and they were happy.
And that was exactly how I was feeling ahead of the last heat of that epic win over King’s Lynn on Thursday.
Four points up with one race left – you could feel the atmosphere and sense of anticipation running through every vein in your body.
Cometh the hour, cometh the man. And just as the spotty kid in his best Sta-Prest jeans and Siousxsie & the Banshees T-shirt got the girl all those years ago, so Captain Marvel Havvy came up with the goods and won the race.
And like Ken and Paul, the crowd went home buzzing and full of hope for the months ahead.
Honestly, if you weren’t there, it really was that good. This was King’s Lynn – current Treble holders and a team the Bears had never beat before in 12 previous attempts. Unlucky 13 for the Stars? You bet!
Princess Diana, Captain George Vancouver, Martin Brundle, Roger Taylor, Sir Robert Walpole, Stephen Fry… Can you hear me Stephen Fry? Your boys took a hell of a beating!!!!


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