Wet wet wet

SOME years ago after Chelsea beat Boro at Wembley (again) I came up with a sure-fire way of raising money for charity.

I got hold some stocks (I really must think carefully about the sort of company I keep…), took them along to the local school fete along with a bucket and some sponges.
I filled the bucket with water, put on my Chelsea shirt and invited visitors to the fete to pay 50p to “throw wet sponges at the Chelsea fan”.
Needless to say it was a raging success. Some of the more passionate Boro fans came back time and time again – one even asked if he could pay extra to chuck the whole bucket at me.
Supply and demand, see. It works.
So the invitation to throw wet sponges at Brian Havelock and members of the Bears team at this year’s Family Fun Day at STMP on July 31 could well be an opportunity too good to miss for some.
Well let’s face it – it’s been a rotten season hasn’t it?
Instances of unfulfilled potential, heavy defeats, defeats in matches we should have won, signings that simply didn’t work out.
You can’t blame anyone for the atrocious injury crisis that has gripped the Bears camp this year – that’s just horrendous luck, but frustrating nonetheless.
To make it even worse, ITV have moved The Bill to a Thursday night so we can’t even watch Smith, Manson, Meadows and Co on a night left blank due to the early exit of one competition or another.
All that frustration boiling over – it just makes you want to reach for a wet sponge doesn’t it?
And you never know, the price you pay for that privilege could be the difference between getting that star signing this winter or going without!


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