Not what the doctor ordered

THERE’S a joke I heard many moons ago that involved a man who mysteriously made the sound of a Japanese motorcycle manufacturer every time he broke wind.

Concerned at such a predicament, he got himself along to his local GP’s where the doctor informed him he had an abscess.
“How can that be,” he asked the doc, feeling a little confused.
“Simple,” answered the GP. “Abscess makes the fart go ‘Honda’.”
That of course is based on the old adage that ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ – and that was a sentiment in my mind as I set off for Sheffield on Thursday.
Due to the Gazette Teesside Sports Awards plus one or two other mitigating factors, I hadn’t been to a speedway meeting for two weeks – practically a lifetime for me between March and October.
Since my last sniff of that sweet smell of burning methanol much had changed… though sadly not for the better. And it wasn’t great to start with.
At least it couldn’t get any worse than the routing by Rye House at my old stamping ground in Rocketsville….
Well yes it could actually, and it did.
As a fellow Bears fan and regular member of my matchday entourage remarked mid-meeting: “It all went downhill after that pizza.”
I can understand the frustration of the fans and if they want to stay away until things perk up, then fine.
Speedway is a sport after all, and the idea of any sport is to win. Unless you were an Italian football team in the mid-2000s obviously.
But what I can’t understand is the attitude of those who seem to believe it’s a crisis of epic proportions and that no-one should rest until the perpetrators are carried kicking and screaming to the gallows.
Let’s get this in perspective. Redcar Bears are having a bad season.
That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. They haven’t killed anyone. They haven’t declared war on any small, poorly-defended nation. They haven’t outlawed parmos.
Since the sport was relaunched on Teesside we’ve had a relatively successful team.
This year we haven’t and the shift in fortune has been hard to take.
Football fans may wish to draw a comparison to Boro some while ago. After Fab Rav, the Little Fella and Emerson departed and the Riverside Revolution began to splutter, those who had only known good times couldn’t understand how such a marked change in fortune could happen.
So I’m not saying we should rejoice in our current plight, or even be anything less than frustrated, disappointed or angry.
But we don’t have a right to see our side win every week. For every winner there’s a loser.
Supporters support their team, right? So let’s do that, huh?


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