Happy Christmas!

PRESS and practice day to me is like Christmas Eve.

It’s a tantalising glimpse of what you’re about to receive.
Think about it – on the night before Christmas you’ll be staring expecantly at the presents beneath the tree and conjuring up images of the fun you’ll have on Christmas Day.
Is that a badly-knitted jumper in the package marked “with love from Nana”? That’s surely not an X Factor Winners compilation CD in the square box from Mum and Dad. And why the hell do aunts and uncles send you an envelope containing a voucher for a shop you never go in when they could just as easily give you something called money which is accepted in every retail outlet you’re ever likely to visit?
That’s press and practice isn’t it? The goods are on display but we won’t know exactly what we’re getting until the Big Day.
So if press and practice day is Christmas Eve, opening night is the speedway supporter’s Christmas Day.
Just as, on December 25th, we find out what our presents really are and get to have some fun laughing at Aunty Maude getting steadily sloshed while we dig to our turkey and trimmings, so we get to witness our team in proper competitive action on the first night of the season.
That’s when we’ll get our first chance to weigh up what sort of team we have this year and form our first ideas of how the season might pan out for us.
For us here on Planet Bear that’s this Thursday when Workington visit South Tees Motorsports Park for the first match of 2010.
I’m not expecting Brian Havelock to arrive on a sleigh while sporting a red suit and white beard, but I still reckon there’ll be plenty to celebrate.
To say it’s going to be a cracker would be an easy pun to use – but that’s never stopped me before so I’ll use it anyway.
Merry Christmas everyone!


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