Hello, Dave. . .

UNTIL recently I only knew two people called Lorraine, and both of them had partners called Dave.

So when I became acquainted with a big Bears supporter called Lorraine just before Christmas, I took it as read that her husband would be called Dave.
Actually his name is Mark but that hasn’t prevented me from calling him Dave anyway.
Just like Trigger on Only Fools and Horses whenever he saw Rodney, or Papa Lazarou on the League of Gentlemen when he went out selling pegs with Mama and his three-legged whippet, I can’t see past calling him anything but Dave.
He even looks like a Dave.
And, just as he’ll be present pretty much where and whenever the Bears are on track this season, Dave was and the Priory Social Club this week for the Swales Racing fund-raising night.
A cracking night was had by us all. If you’ve never been on your feet screaming at a 30-year-old (check the sideburns) horse racing video in the hope it’ll win you £3.50 then you’ve missed out big time. No really, race nights are terrific – if you’re holding one, be sure to invite me or I’ll be very cross.
The night raked it more than £755 to helps towards the Swales Racing running costs for the season, I won a bit and lost a bit, and everyone had a great time.
But what was also significant about Swalesy’s video nag fest was that it was the first speedway social of the year. And, with the racing only a couple of weeks away, that pretty much makes it the start of the season doesn’t it?
Stick a bunch of speedway-starved shalesport fans together in a room in March and there’s only going to be one topic of conversation. And it’s not ‘who’s going to win Dancing on Ice’.
So by the end of the night we were all positive salivating at the imminent start of the season – but now we’ve got to wait until March 18th for the tapes to go up!
OK so the BSG are giving us another chance to indulge in some verbal appreciation of the noble art of left turnery – but then we’ve got another 11 days to wait for the first match. Eleven days!! That’s just cruel.
But hey, that’s the way it goes. We’ve waited since October, so see you all on the opening night. Oh, and if you bump into Dave – say hi from me.
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