Typewriters v toilets

ONE day, many moons ago when I was a young reporter covering jumble sales and carnivals for the Evening Echo down in Essex, there was uproar in the newsroom.

All of this happened a long, long time ago.
These were the days when I still believed there was an extra O in Middlesbrough; that Parmo was an Italian football team and that there were sheep in Brambles Farm
These too were the days before “new technology”, as we called it back then, had come barging onto our editorial floors and brutally ripped up our established working practices and replaced them with these newfangled computer thingies.
Yes, these were the days when we wrote our pearls of wisdom on TYPEWRITERS!
Try telling kids today about ink ribbons and Tippex. There was no alt backspace to get you out trouble back them – it was rip it up and start again.
And the cause for said uproar at Echo Towers in 1984 was because the management had controversially – scurrilously even – chosen to decorate the toilets instead of investing in much-needed new typewriters.
Those days are nicely packaged away in the file marked ‘history’ now, of course and it’s hard to imagine a time when we filed our reports on low quality copy paper and then simply moved on to the next job.
These days it’s all computers, laptops, blogs, online discussions and who knows what else.
Sure the demands are higher, but so too is the thrill factor. It’s far more exciting being a journo in the 21st century!
So with the speedway season just a couple of weeks away, I’ve decided to take another look at my techno options.
I’ve invested a new, hopefully more reliable laptop which will allow me to update In the Pits more regularly and easily.
And we’ve lots of other new technological advances we’re eager to implement here in Gazetteland, so watch out for the latest developments.
We’re keen to hear what YOU think too – so leave a comment at the end of a blog entry or online match report. You may even get the chance to vote online for your man-of-the match too. . .
I’ve added another string to my bow by signing my life away to Twitter too, so feel free to follow me.
If I don’t see you at press and practice day, I’ll see you in cyberspace!
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