Plenty of (Pro) Plus points

IF the chief executive of Pro Plus is reading this and searching for suitor to sponsor this year – I’m your man, dude.

Have you seen the early season fixtures?!!! Eight meetings in 16 days to start the season and a jam-packed schedule of speedway fare to feast on until the end of May.
Things start to get a little quieter then, and that’s just as well.
If they didn’t I’d either be going to work in my pyjamas due to sleep deprivation; be addicted to Pro Plus to keep me awake and somewhere near fully functioning; or be singled out for blame by a bunch of lentil-munching eco-warriors for stretching the hole in the ozone layer even further due to excessive motorway travel to and from meetings.
But frankly I can’t wait.
The release of the fixtures by the BSPA is always something like an Afonso Alves shot on goal – you never really know when it’s going to happen and you have more than a nagging feeling that it never will.
But happen it has and the noise of overworked biros scribbling dates in the diaries of speedway fans up and down the land was deafening. Well, actually it wasn’t, but you get my drift.
And after the regulation winter rest, Christmas and New Year food-fest, January crash diet and four months of not requiring Sky Plus to watch The Bill, I’m chomping at the bit.
We already knew about the challenge matches with Workington and Newcastle of course – but the Premier Trophy opener on March 27 was a nice surprise.
Just as I did on my last visit when I was scared off by a pair of evil-eyed locals who looked for all the world like Patty and Selma Bouvier after a spell in borstal, I’ll pass on a pre-match pint in the pub across the way from Loomer Road.
But the pie and peas are a must at Brough Park and they’d better stock up on the jalepenos at the Pizza Hut in Sheffield.
It should be pretty decent on the track too. A team of top to bottom strength that’s built to entertain – I can see the Bears dishing out a mauling or two this term.
Yes, there’s nothing like the release of the fixture list to get a speedway fan all starry-eyed and excited about the season ahead.
Trouble is, of course, we have to wait ’til March for it all to happen and it’s not even February yet.
It’s a bit like your dad showing you your new I-pod, FHM calendar and Battlestar Galactia box set in November, then telling you that you can’t have them ’til December 25.
Oh well, that’s the nature of the game though. At least the bulk of those long, winter nights are over and we’ve been given a tantalising glimpse of what’s round the corner.
Bring it on!


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