Wembley, Wham! and hosepipes

MANY years ago during a boozy night out with the lads I rather tipsily agreed to go and see Wham! in concert at Wembley Stadium.

We all know such excesses are neither big nor clever, and I was more than a little surprised a week or so later when my mate turned up at my front door demanding cash for the tickets he’d bought for said pop fest.
I went along anyway and it was actually quite a good laugh – made even better by the fact I had a shapely and attractive young American lady perched on my shoulders for the duration of the set. No idea who she was, but you know me – anything to help.
One of my other recollections of that occasion was that is was a baking hot summer’s day and, in order to cool down the excited fans at the very front, members of the Wembley staff turned on the stadium hosepipes and showered them with cold water.
As a result, whenever anyone in our circle of friends became a little excitable, they would be met with the cry “hose him down someone”.
And what made me think about all of this was by mulling over the now almost complete Bears team for 2010.
Because quite honestly I think Brian and the consortium could do worse than invest in a few hosepipes.
Exciting? You bet. I can see a few of us being in need of hosing down before the end of the season.
‘Mad’ Maks Gregoric became an instant hero in his short spell on Teesside last year, and with a style like that it’s no wonder.
Entertaining, spectacular, crazy, call him what you like – he fast with it and a great full-time addition to the team.
Quiet and unassuming off the track, Stuart Swales is a feisty little fighter on it – he’s proved a handy addition to our pub quiz team on more than one occasion, but still has clearly yet to learn the meaning of the phrase “when you’re beaten”.
Then there’s Emiliano Sanchez – a rider so popular at King’s Lynn last season that he beat World Under-21 Champion Darcy Ward to the Stars’ Rider of the Year award.
If he’d been born a bit further north in Brazil we’d be talking about samba style. I don’t know what their equivalent is in Argentina but I’m sure we’ll soon have an adjective to describe him.
Add to mix Havvy – a rider who’s never shirked a challenge in nearly a quarter of a century of racing – lively Czech Tomas Suchanek and lightning gater Ben Wilson and we have a recipe for good times.
And that’s before the seventh and final ingredient has been added.
I think I’ll see if my Wham! 1986 tour T-shirt still fits me and seek out any Americans looking for a better view. . .


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