Let’s paaaaaaaaaaaarty!

Are you ready to party?

Of course you are! Tonight, of course, is the Bears Riders of the Year presentation shindig – an opportunity for riders, officials, fans and anyone else who follows the Bears to have a laugh, a few drinks and boogie on the dancefloor.
It’s also the night when the 2009 Bear of the Year will be crowned. I, of course, know who the winner is – but I’m the only person in the whole, wide world who does!
Voting has once again been conducted through the gazettelive website and, just like any local council election in a medium-sized British town, you’ve gone to the polls in your hundreds.
And before tonight’s events gets to the point where we think we’re dancing like John Travolta but actually looking more like John McCririck, this year’s Bear of the Year will be crowned.
The obvious contenders, of course, are Ty, Stuey and Ben.
Wizard of Aus Ty took over as No 1 mid-season and has never looked back, Dive Bomb King Stuey made a hugely successful – and entertaining comeback that left us wondering why he’d quit in the first place – while lightning gater Ben has underlined his status as a major Premier League force.
Evergreen Havvy has once again been the Peter Pan of speedway, Robbie Kessler has produced some solid second string performances, Stoney redisovered his form and led the team in Havvy’s injury-enforced absence while Arlo remains one of the most popular riders on the terraces.
So if you want to know who’s won and how the party is shaping up, check back here tonight and all will be revealed!
Now, where’s my white suit. . . .?


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