Bear of the Year winner revealed

AND the winner is. . . . hey, I’m enjoying myself far too much to give the game away so soon!

I’m still waiting for Gareth Rogers to buy me a pint for assuming his mantle of awards bash compere, but I don’t think I’m going to go thirsty tonight!
As usual the Marton Hotel and Country Club is packed out as fans, staff and riders let their hair down at the end of a long season.
Mr Carlsberg and Mr Smirnoff are likely to smiles on their faces when they view their Saturday evening sales figures tomorrow morning, and I’ve a feeling there could be some mean shapes thrown on the dancefloor later on.
Disappointingly, the resident guitarist/singer doesn’t have Birdhouse in Your Soul in his set list tonight, but you can bet a small gaggle of us will be singing it anyway.
But you didn’t log on to this blog read about such trivial matters, now, did you?
And (if only because my pint glass is almost empty and therefore in need of refilling) I’ll give you the news you wanted.
The 2009 NEBT/Simpson Racing UK Bears Rider of the Year is BEN WILSON!
Just as he did with so many of his rivals on the track this year, Ben absolutely wiped the floor with his opponents, collecting 45.3% of the total vote.
I’m going to enjoy the rest of the evening now – but don’t forget to buy the Evening Gazette or log on to on Monday for Ben’s reaction and an exclusive picture.


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