The secret life of a speedway journalist?

COME a little closer, I’m going to tell you a secret.

Are you ready? Well actually it’s not that earth-shattering to be honest.
I’m not about to reveal that I used to be a woman called Fifi, or that I’m the secret love child of the Pope and Esther Rantzen.
No, it’s quite simply that I’d planned to cut back a little on speedway this season.
Now I know most of you reading this have the opinion that I have the cushiest job in the world covering speedway for a living – but it’s a lot of work and a lot of miles you know! Reports, previews and news items don’t write themselves and the meetings are spread far and wide.
It’s why this blog hasn’t been updated for a short while. From Somerset to Scunthorpe, Newport to Newcastle, been there, bought the programme board. And most of the the others too.
With the Bears’ ‘official’ fixtures now done and dusted following elimination from the Young Shield, my meeting count for the year stands at 51. Not as many as quite a few people I know, but more than I’d planned. Quite a lot more in fact.
But it’s been a great adventure off and on the track.
Highlights off the track? Bumping into a group of attractive, young female pharmacists in fancy dress after the Grand Prix at Cardiff certainly springs to mind.
So too does the sight of one of the club sponsors dressed up as an ostrich chasing a steward around Shielfield Park.
Blagging a free meal at Frankie and Benny’s in Newport because it was fathers’ day; being asked if I was Drac by a Brummies fan at Birmingham; trying not to spill a tub of baked beans from the KFC near Workington while sitting on the BSG coach. . . . Aah the memories.
As far as on the track highlights go, those two wins at Sheffield will take some beating.
And the way the boys battled so bravely at King’s Lynn just 24 hours after being turned over at home.
Stuey’s return, Ben’s emergence as a genuine Premier League force, Ty’s continued rise and the spectacular arrival of Super Maks. They all stand out too.
The defeat – and the manner of it – at Scunny was a disappointing end to the official fixture list.
But a fifth place finish in the PL table – higher than any other Redcar team has managed – is a marvellous achievement, but even then not as great as the consortium not so much saving the club as resuscitating it, sticking on the operating table and sending it back out as the Bionic Man. Nice one guys!
We still have Giffardsson’s Farewell, a Tweed Tees Trophy trip to Berwick and the Silver Helmet marked in our 2009 diaries but, you know what? I’m looking forward to March already.


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