Eat to the beat

IT wasn’t sauteed reindeer, dried elk or wild boar stew – but the chicken zinger burger at the KFC in Sheffield went down quite well really.

It wasn’t so much the food as the occasion, to be fair. I’d been away on holiday to Estonia, where such dishes were among those served up at our restauarants of choice. Very tasty they all were too.
In a clash of dates not witnessed since the British Balloon Appreciation Society booked the same spot of land for their annual day out as the National Association of Sharp Needle Throwers, it meant I missed out on the Bears’ big live TV match against Edinburgh.
So by the time the mamoth task of trawling through the holiday washing had begun, the souvenirs had been strategically placed around Neal Towers and the neighbours had been bored rigid with tales of Estonia, I was suffering from severe speedway underload.
So despite not being on leave until the following Monday, I selflessly put myself forward to cover the Bears’ PL clash at Sheffield. I know what you’re thinking – what a dedicated guy, giving up his own holiday to serve the company. Are you reading this, boss?
And that’s how I came to be sat in the KFC across the road from Owlerton Stadium, munching on a chicken zinger.
And it was great to be back. Even before I’d entered the stadium to greeted by a sea of familiar faces asking how the holiday had gone, I’d been donated an unopened tub of KFC gravy from a fellow Bears fan who had spotted me looking for something to dunk my fries into.
Out on the terraces it became clear that my much-publicised first ever parmo was still being held in high esteem by the charismatic band of Bears supporters.
“He’s had a parmo, he’s had a parmo,” the cry rang out from barmy army at the back to the tune of I Want To Go Home, “Martin Neal has had a parmo.” Terrace recognition – aaaah, I’ve made it at last!
And on the track it was all good too. Bionic Ben Wilson defied medical advice to lead the way as the Bears clocked up a deserved away win – their second of the season at Sheffield.
The only down side was that the meeting ended early due to rain. Whichever weather forecasters reckoned it would stay dry in Sheffield on Thursday should clearly be poked in each eye wth a sharp stick and made to listen to Girls Aloud until they bleed.
Sadly they got it right the following day and the expected rain did indeed come down and wreck our hopes of a second successive quickfire double over the Tigers.
Oh well, never mind – at least we get a double dose of home action this week. Chicken zinger anyone?


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