Blonde ambition

EVERY red-blooded male dreams of a leggy blonde heading his way with the promise of a free drink.

So it was with great glee that I greeted such a scenario at South Tees Motorsports Park on Thursday night.
Now, at this point, I suppose I should explain the facts a little more in case Mrs N casts her eye on this and demands to know exactly what I get up to on a speedway night!
I’m fully aware that standing out on the track looking dapper in a collar and tie for the pre-meeting presentations is something of a treat for the female fraternity on the terraces.
But in fact the lady in question had, along with a colleague, stepped out of a truck bearing the name of an energy drink in loud, yellow letters.
And, as if in answer to my prayers, she began handing out complimentary cans of the said product.
It was just what I needed.
I’d trekked down Birmingham the previous night – fortunately not a wasted journey this time although I did start to worry that at least one of my travelling companions was about start throwing chips at random customers while screaming madly when it began raining heavily as we tucked into a pub meal around the corner from the track.
And this was the second of three matches on consecutive nights – a trip down to Scunthorpe being the one to follow.
Throw in three busy days slaving over a hot computer at Gazette Towers, and you can see that the need for a cool, refreshing can of go-faster juice was becoming a necessity rather than a preference.
Now those three meetings are done, it’s an opportunity to look back at what we’ve seen and what we’ve done.
And the bottom line is that a three-point haul from a home win plus a point from each of the two away trips is pretty damn decent.
OK, we could be stronger at reserve – but Brian Havelock has admitted he’s in the process of trying to do something about that.
And Havvy Jnr hasn’t had the happiest of weeks – but I’m sure he’s worked that one out himself.
Predictably some of the internet keyboard warriors have distorted all of this into a picture of abject despair. Frankly I’m surprised they haven’t resorted to burning effigies of Brian Havelock outside the South Tees Motorsports Park gates yet.
My take is that we all want the best for our team and, although three wins would have been better, getting something in the bag from each of this week’s three meetings is something to celebrate rather than criticise.
Isn’t it?


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