Take a seat

AT least falling off my chair in the motorway service station gave everyone a giggle.

It was one of those great unscripted comic moments. You lean over to take a look at a photo that’s just been taken and, before you know it, you’re dangling precariously off your chair with one hand on the floor and the other hanging on to the back of your seat.
And, typically of course, the first things your friends do is not offer a helpful hand, but scramble for their cameras to immortalise the moment.
It wasn’t the only thing that hadn’t got according to plan on Wednesday evening either.
The plan was to visit Birmingham to watch – and in my case report on – 15 heats of Premier League action on a warm, springtime evening.
Instead it poured with rain, the traffic was horrendous, every square inch of motorway seemed to have a roadworks sign on it or within a 100-yard radius and the only meaningful action to cheer was some fool falling of his chair as he ate his overpriced pie and chips.
Ironically I could have saved myself the embarrassment.
By then the rain had cleared, the sun was out and it was a lovely evening. We could have sat outside and eaten at an picnic table.
The fact that the storm clouds had cleared wasn’t lost on the assembled patrons of Nealo’s Tours – most of whom had also been waiting, weary and wet through, inside the Hayley Stadium on Sunday when the ‘meeting rained-off’ boards came out.
Little did we know, of course, that we were only two thirds of the way through a trilogy of successive wash-outs – all within the space of four days.
So what are the rights and wrongs of calling a postponement early?
I think every one of us sat in the services gazed up at the blue sky at some point and muttered the words ‘they could have run this meeting’.
But three days earlier Newport had left it until fans had paid their entrance fee, entered the stadium and bought a programme before ushering them out again.
Maybe if the Brummies had waited until closer to the scheduled start time, it would have been the same scenario. And then we’d have been cursing them for calling it off too late rather than too soon.
A case of damned if you don’t, damned if you do.
And the only option to trekking halfway across the country just to watch a bloke fall of his chair, hurl abuse at the dopey blond who contrived to break down in the middle of the endless roadworks and scare the driver into thinking he’d triggered a speed camera by using a flash inside the car is simple – don’t go.
And that’s not really an option at all for a die-hard speedway fan.
Birmingham again on June 17? You bet!


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