No need to feel twitchy

I MUST admit I was a little twitchy about how things would turn out this season.

Nothing to do with the team which had been assembled and nothing to do with the new consortium which took over in the winter.
It was quite simply that when I went to get in the car on the way to press and practice day, I couldn’t get in it, let alone start it. I’d left the lights on and the battery was flatter than a pint of London lager.
“Oh goodness me, what a silly Billy,” I said (the old lady passing mistakenly thought I said something else, but she clearly misheard). Was this the shape of things to come? Was this an omen for the season ahead?
Thoughts came flooding back of when I was 16. It was the morning of my first GCE O-level and Jehovah’s witnesses knocked on my front door. I told them I was a Satanist and enquired whether they had a virgin I could sacrifice.
I went on to underperform spectacularly in my exams and I’m convinced my run-in with the men in suits was an omen that it was all going to go horribly wrong.
Thankfully the dead battery incident hasn’t yet been a precursor to doom and gloom on Planet Bear.
OK, we could have done without that home defeat against Edinburgh, but the track conditions changed considerably after the rains came and the Monarchs are, let’s not forget, a pretty useful side.
And yes, it’s frustrating to lead away from home only to lose – and that’s something the Bears have become pretty familiar with this term.
But on the whole this isn’t a bad team. Personally I’d like to see the reserves score a few more points and Ben Wilson become a bit more consistent. I’m not going to advocate burning them at the stake unless they show instant improvement, it’s just an honest opinion on what I’ve seen so far.
And what I will say is that Thursday night’s Premier League curtain raiser against Stoke was a cracker.
I’d had a rotten week. The boiler at Neal Towers was on the blink, my mobile phone operator had displayed the efficiency of a chocolate teapot and my football team had, well, not achieved the outcome that anyone with two working eyes would agree they deserved. . .
But Thursday’s meeting was the best medicine I could have taken. Great racing, great atmosphere, great result. And the car started.
MANY apologies for the lack of activity here lately. Normal service HAS now been resumed. Thanks.


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