Make your mind up time

WHY aye man – what’s Ty Proctor like then? Is he, like, as good as what they say? Man.

So the conversation started with the bloke who came to stand alongside me and my regular Thursday night posse at South Tees Motorsports Park on Thursday.
It transpired he lived in Newcastle but chose not to support his local team. I started warming to him immediately I heard that.
He was instead a fervent follower of Berwick Bandits, the Bears’ visitors on the night, and was making his first trip to STMP.
Up there in that place with the bridge that’s not as good as ours, word had spread that the, ahem, Thunder from Down Under was a bit of a whizz.
My new mate was keen to find out for himself. I didn’t (and some who know me well might say, typically) offer him any help. I just pointed to the track and told him to make his own mind up.
Fortunately Ty’s prediction that he’s be “boring” this year and would win everything from the gate hasn’t yet taken effect.
Once again the Bear of the Year gave a performance that had guts, determination and ability not only written all over it but signed with love and kisses too.
As if his last gasp heat seven win over Josef Franc were not enough, he came from behind to beat the diminutive Czech and his mate Michal Makovsky with a stunning final heat super show.
It was the difference between the Bears winning the match and having to settle for a draw. If they had seats at the stadium we’d have been on the edge of them.
Being the friendly lot we are at speedway, it’s perfectly acceptable to shout and cheer for your own team even when you’re surrounded by opposing fans. Bears fans have been known to do it too.
My mate in black and gold had duly done his bit for the Bandits and quite rightly got a little excited when his team looked like grabbing a last gasp draw.
But by the end of the night, the only subject on his lips was Ty Proctor.
“I think you’ve found the answer to your question,” I told him. And he had.


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