Hello, good evening and welcome

ME and my big mouth.

I once spent three days either in or within easy trotting distance of the smallest room in the house after proudly boasting I could eat more life-destroyingly hot chillies than anyone else at the party I was attending.
And there was the time I vowed to run naked round the office if a certain football team didn’t win. They lost actually but I think I might have got away with that one, so please don’t remind anyone I work with.
So that’s pretty much how I ended up taking the mic and doing the centre green presentation thing for the Bears’ first meeting of the season on Thursday.
“Yeah, I’ll do that, no problem,” I’d said last week after compering the Meet The Riders night. Come 7.20pm on Thursday I was a quivering wreck. Frankly I was convinced my first words would sound like “Mmmmmwwwwwlllllllllwerrrrrr” or something similar and that I’d end up running from the track while screaming in a hysterical state and in desperate need of immediate sedation.
Fortunately it went a little better than that – and judging by the comments I’ve received, I’m not the only to travel down that particular avenue of thought. Thanks guys – and I really mean that.
So, instead of spending Thursday evening being coaxed back into some semblance of mental normality by the medical staff, I was able to enjoy the meeting once the off switch had been pressed on the microphone and I’d made my way to my usual viewing spot near the tapes.
OK, it wasn’t a classic was it? And you can’t always read too much into a match when it’s the first of the season and no meaningful league or cup points are at stake.
But I think we gleaned enough from the meeting to give us a useful pointer for the season ahead.
Before writing this latest blog entry I read about an Irish financial adviser who had nicked £26m from his employers. Clearly he did this because he wanted to bet it all on Ty Proctor being one of the top three Premier League performers by the end of the season. We all know it’s going to happen, so he must have caught wind of it too.
The new boys all looked very useful – and those who scoffed when Ben Wilson said in a Gazette interview he planned to challenge for the No 1 jacket this year might well have started to choke on their chips and curry sauce.
Havvy won’t have too many meetings like that this year, and his experience in the pits will be invaluable. Ask him to put his medals on the table, and it’ll take all night.
We need more from reserve and that’s a fact, but Benji rode better than his paid three return would suggest and Arlo’s always up for a scrap, so hopefully our wish will come true.
So, all in all not a bad start. In fact, if we’re not challenging for a play-off place at the end of the year, I’ll. . . . . Oh, I’d better not go there – we all know what happens when I start saying things like that!


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