Don’t go breaking my heart

WE interupt this blog to bring you some important business news – Kleenex are to open a new factory on Teesside.

Well they might as ruddy well do after the heartache we’ve been through in the past week!
And Unbreakable Chains Inc had better hurry up and patent their first design and get knocking them out at a rapid rate of knots on an adjacent spot on the Riverside Industrial Estate too.
The first box of Kleenex was broken into when the Cubs were robbed of a place in the Conference League play-off final away to Boston as the luckless Aaron Summers snapped a chain at the tapes before the decisive final race.
Then came Workington, where we’d headed wondering if a five-point cushion would be enough to see the Bears past the Comets in the semi-finals of the Young Shield. In the event, it took us until the final race of a nerve-shredding, gut-wrenching match to discover it wasn’t.
The sweet smell of burning methanol and burnt burgers had barely wafted away before the bigwigs from Unbreakable Chains Inc were scrambling for their laptops to compose strongly-worded letters chasing up their patent applications as both Havvy and Benji were brought to a shuddering halt.
And at the same time the Cubs were missing out on the CL Fours crown after the eager caretaker arrived with his broom and pointed to his watch, telling them it was time to shove off so he could sweep the floor.
So near yet so far. It was like the girl you’d fancied for years gliding gracefully towards you with her bedroom eyes and a set of keys, then snuggling up to the fat bloke with hook nose and NHS glasses behind you and taking him knowingly by the hand.
How heart-breakingly cruel do you want to be?
But, like the spurned adolesecent vowing to get over his heartbreak by wooing the even better looking mate of his one-time would-be sweetheart, so the Bears and Cubs must be positive and proud.
To have progressed so far is something of which they can be enormously proud, especially with the behind-the-scenes rumblings that have caused an unwelcome distraction.
As far as the teams are concerned, the season is over now. And rather than reflecting on what might have been, now’s the time to remember what a solid platform has been built for next year and the future.


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