Home (dis)comforts

AND now it’s back to our man in the studio. . .

That’s right – I was more Keith Heuwen than Kelvin Tatum this week, forced to follow the action from afar while the boys did the business at Reading.
If Mother Nature hadn’t decided to give us a kicking the previous day, of course, I’d have been there. We were barely out of Marske when Brian texted to warn us not to go too far. A few more miles and a cup of tea at Janice’s later and it was back home to catch up with the previous night’s X Factor on Sky Plus instead of bombing down the motorway on a car seat that refuses to stay still.
The Monday night restaging was as much use to me as a chocolate teapot. Monday’s are pretty damn hectic here at Gazette Towers, so there was no chance of getting there for the restaging.
On the plus side, it meant I didn’t miss quiz night at the Wacky. But I have to admit, after every question there was only one answer I wanted to know: How are the Bears getting on?
Finally it came – the expectant buzz buzz buzz on my phone tell me there was a text message waiting. The score was 60-33. Surely not to us? The bearer of this good news was Charlotte – I texted back ‘wot 2 us?’ (I’m down with the kids, I’m cool with this text speak mullarkey, lol), and sure enough it was .
Result. We thought we had a chance, but to win by that margin? It was like going to pick up a Chinese take-away and having a portion of prawn crackers and an industrial pack of Pepsi thrown in for good measure.
Now we await our semi-final opponents. Will it be Workington or Berwick? I wouldn’t have thought either of them would want to be racing the Bears right now.


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