How was it for you?

DO you remember your first time?

Those nerve-tingling moments of passion before it happened? Knowing that, just a a few exhilarating seconds later, life would never be the same? That you were on the brink of something you’d never before had the unbridled pleasure of doing? And wondering with eager anticipation if the second time would be just as good?
I bet you do!
What. . . ? No, not that!
I’m referring – quite clearly in my considered opinion (!) – about the first time you celebrated your team winning a major national trophy.
In our case, here on Teesside, that magic moment came in Birmingham last October when the Bears completed a home and away double over the Brummies in the Jack Young Shield final.
If I remember rightly, the champagne was cracked open before we’d even left the A19 on the way to Perry Barr! And the celebrations in the bar afterwards will live long in the memory.
And now it’s time to do it all again. Well, hopefully anyway.
The Bears wrap up their Premier League fixtures with a home match against Stoke on Thursday and a(nother) trip to the Berwick Swimming Baths on Saturday.
After that it’s on to the Young Shield again. And if we won it for a second time, would it be as good as the first?
Damn right it would!
Once again it’s been an often traumatic season for the Bears with injury problems left, right and centre; Glyn’s much-publicised battle to keep the club afloat and the sacking, then instant return, of Havvy; Josh’s struggles with second season syndrome; the awful weather that wrecked the early season fixture programme and kept fans and home with the central heating on and a steaming mug of PG Tips in preference to the risk of getting another unseasonal soaking. . . and so it goes on.
To come through all of that and win a trophy really would be something because, let’s face it, there was a time just a few short months ago when we’d have given our right arm for the club just to be here, let alone be in contention for silverware.


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