Life’s a beach

EXOTIC cocktails on a sun-soaked Agean beach; lazy days by the pool; carefree nights sampling the local delicasies. . .

Jealous yet? Don’t be – my holidays are over and now I’m back to the rain, work and a hastily knocked-up spag bol with a slice of Morrisons own garlic bread on the side.
So after three weeks without watching the Bears, I was chomping at the bit to get up to Berwick fo Saturday’s re-arranged fixture.
It had already falled victim to the appalling weather that has blighted our so-called summer, of course, when a coachload of fans – myself among them – trekked through the wind and rain to Shielfield Park for a half-hour mooch around before being told to go back home,
It couldn’t happen again, could it? Errrm, yes actually.
This time the coach was only a few minutes up the A19 before the “go home you fools, you’re wasting your time” call came through.
That the meeting should go the journey was inevitable. It had been raining cats and dogs all day and, not only was more of the wet stuff forecast, but there were severe weather warnings for Northumberland. Mmmmm – underwater speedway anyone? “The rider in red has been excluded for not having a water deflector fitted. . .”
Now, if you were a Berwick fan, getting the word not to bother as late as 4pm was presumably no problem. You’d have not even got stuck into your haggis and fried Mars bar (or whatever they have for tea up there) by then.
But if you’re making your way up from Teesside? Different matter entirely.
Away supporters in speedway are rapidly going the way of white dog poo, decent music in the charts and happy Newcastle United fans. You don’t see too many of them these days.
But, when the Bears are in town, you can count on a large and enthusiastic mob hitting the road to be there.
And that’s twice this season that they – and me – have shelled out their hard-earned dosh and ended up making a wasted journey.
I don’t envy any promoter in speedway and, whatever decision to take, you’re never going to please everyone.
But I sincerely hope the Berwick management acknowledges the inconvenience and cost we’ve had to put up with this season in our thus far futile attempts to put money into their coffers.


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