It just clicked

ISN’T it great when it just clicks?

You know the feeling of enormous relief, satisfaction and – let’s face it – pure joy when it all comes together.
The uncertainty, unpredictablity and sense of well, that things just could be so much better, are all swept away in a moment of spontaneous euphoria.
Actually I’m not referring to the Bears’ recent run of form which continued with a rousing performance at Somerset last week, but rather the journey there!
Trips to away meetings with the effervescent Charlotte and Janice are never uneventful – take the journey to Sheffield when the car inexplicably thought it couldn’t do more than 3,000 revs and the radgy gadgie in the people carrier wanted to fight us all in a fit of completely unprovoked road rage.
This time it was the front seat which became the talking point. For a reason best known to Peugeot manufacturers, the front passenger seat chose not to stay in the same place for some length of time. “It’ll click” insisted Janice. Indeed it did, some 150 miles from Teesside during which time every sharp acceleration and brake made it feel like that big dipper of Blackpool seafront.
Much can be said of ther Bears team. We struggled for weeks and got stuffed at home by Somerset but it’s all come together lately, culminating with the biggest away score in the Premier League at the Oak Tree Arena this season.
Our boys deserved it too. And, as Brian Havelock touched upon in his post-match interview, so too did the fans.
We must have the best away supporters in the land. And the most outrageously dressed! The wigs were out in forced and provoked an enthusiastic response from passing motorists as the travelling Teessiders made the short walk to the track from their nearby hotel. I know this because I was with them – and I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else.
Travelling away is more than just an opprtunity to watch a sporting event – it’s an experience in itself.
Those of us who made the long trek to the Oak Tree Arena last Friday had the pleasure of watching the Bears frighten the life out of their table-topping hosts with a solid and determined performance.
We also saw a bloke wearing nothing but boxer shorts sitting in in a motor-caravan at the side of the road, discovered that Burnham on Sea closes down after nightfall, drank beer which had a dodgy name and chuckled when the larger than life Drac asked a bloke in suit with a briefcase standing by the side of the road if he was selling bibles – then roared with laughter when the guy replied “How many do you want?” The chicken kebabs weren’t bad either – even if the price you’re charged for a taxi down there should be enough to get you picked up from your front door in a chauffer-driver Limo.
This season has had more twists and turns than the rollercoaster it felt like I was on as we headed down the A1 (and beyond) – but the spirit on the terraces is better than it’s ever been. Bring on the next away trip.


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