Spice up your life

A BUM-BURNING ruby murray washed down by a few pints of cool, refreshing lager – it’s one of life’s great pleasures.

Seriously – what a way to spend an evening. We’re blessed with a few top notch Indian restaurants round our way and, I’m pleased to report, I’m on intimate terms with the menus in all of them.
I could honestly eat curry for breakfast, lunch and tea. The hotter the better. Green chillies? Pile ’em on. You can’t beat that warm glow of satisfaction that comes from polishing off a plateful of fire dressed up as food as you sit there sweating like a scouser in an ID parade. Hence the need for a few bevvies to wash it down.
Aaaah, heaven. But it comes at a cost of course.
The following morning will inevitably be broken in with that foggy-headed hung over feeling – and then punctuated by frequent visits to the smallest room in the house.
Yes, all good things have a habit of turning round and kicking you in the goolies.
Speedway’s been in my blood since I was a kid and the only thing that could make a visit to the Indian more enjoyable is if it were to come at the end of a night of shalesport action.
But speedway too can turn around and aim that boot towards your lower midriff.
I am – and I’m getting serious here – still still haunted by seeing the crashes which so tragically ended the lives of Paul Muchene and Wayne ‘Bodger’ Garratt.
Bodger’s crash was particularly hard to take because I knew him personally. He was a great bloke and he my son’s first ever sporting hero – he was three at the time – and I don’t mind admitting I cried my eyes out when the call came to say it was over.
I was also there when Erik Gundersen had the crash at Bradford which ended his career and very nearly his life too.
And I honestly thought Daniel Nermark was going to join that list on Thursday. The way he hit the fence like a rag doll then landed so awkardly and heavily was truly horrifying. The silence which engulfed the stadium as he lay motionless had me fearing the worst.
He’s a bit battered and bruised of course, but mercifully he seems to have come out of the ordeal relatively lightly. I’ll drink to that next time I’m washing down a curry.


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