It’s just like watching Dallas

I WAS bored as anything last Friday so I ended up sticking the kettle on and watching something called TV’s Greatest Comebacks on the box.

One of the ‘great comebacks’ featured was one Bobby Ewing on Dallas (ask your mum or dad if you’re too young to remember it). He was the bloke they killed off, seemingly never to return (well, would you fancy your chances if you’d been run over by a car driven by your sister-in-law?), only to magically reappear.
I can only think of one other geezer to have risen from the dead so dramatically and got away with it, and the same presumably goes for the Dallas screenwriters too – so, when they realised they were struggling without one of their most popular characters, they wrote off the entire series made without him, claiming it was nothing more than a bad dream by his missus.
Let’s recap: Popular performer, axed, brought back, everyone’s happy but no-one can believe it happened in the first place.
Sound familiar?
Yep, I’m sure you’ll agree there are striking similarities between Bobby Ewing’s demise and subsequent reappareance and that of our own skipper, Havvy, at South Tees Motorsports Park.
The only difference is that none of us woke up to find him in our shower (although I promise to keep it quiet if any of you actually did).
Sacked last week, back at Workington and now set to see the season out after the formation of an SOS fund, it’s been a rollercoaster week for the former world champ.
The end result is that Glyn’s happy because he’s cut his outgoings, Havvy’s happy because he’s still riding for the Bears at the pay-rate he agreed at the start of the season and the fans are happy because their No 1 rider is, well, still their No 1 rider.
And if any of us can learn anything from the events of the past week it’s that the credit crunch is biting and that these are not easy times to run a business.
We waited 10 years to get speedway back on Teesside – let’s all pull together to make sure it not only survives but prospers. Because it deserves to.


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