Plenty up top…

THE Bears side against Reading reminded me of a girl I used to go out with – plenty up top but very little action down below.

You couldn’t fault what they had at the top end of the team. Gary Havelock and James Grieves are solid, experienced performers who are a match for anyone in the Premier League.
The fact that they both lowered the colours of Ulrich Ostergaard (statistically the best rider in the PL right now) is proof of that.
And Ty Proctor has been a revelation. OK, he’s had a few low scores away from STMP – but let’s not forget he’s a young Aussie several million miles from home and he’s never seen, let alone ridden these tracks before.
He’s as determined a rider as you’ll find anywhere and if ever he went on Mastermind, his specialist subject would surely be ‘Going Through Gaps Which Aren’t Actually There’.
But against Reading they had as much support as that ex-girlfriend of mine when she’d forgotten her Wonderbra.
The guests were like that bloke who ended up being mistaken for a computer expert and interviewed live on BBC news when actually he’d gone there for a very much off air interview for a job in the Beeb’s IT department.
Like the BBC’s ‘expert’ guest Guy Goma, Byron Bekker and Scott Richardson did their best but you couldn’t help thinking they shouldn’t have actually been there.
And then there was Josh. is it second season syndrome? Is he missing Booey in his pit? Is he just a young lad who needs time to adapt to the rigours and pressures of life as a professional sportsman? I personally saw enough of Josh last year to believe he’ll ride this storm, but right now – whichever way you try to dress it up – it’s not happening for him.
I feel sorry for Glyn. Chris, Dan and now Arlo on the injured list – the Black Cat Burying Service plc of Oldham must be doing a roaring trade as those dark-coloured moggies in Greater Manchester seem be queuing up to throw themselves into Glyn’s path.
Talk about bad luck. And he’s hamstrung by the restraints on who he can and can’t bring in as cover, not to mention the availability of those actually eligible.
Chris Kerr has an appointment with his specialist next week and will, hopefully, get the all-clear to ride again after being out since March with a broken leg.
What a difference that could make.


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