Give Gaz a gong

DON’T get me wrong – I’m sure David Healy is a really nice bloke with lots of friends and a good sense of humour.

On top of that he’s scored a few goals for his not all that good international football team. I think he scored one or two for his equally not very good Premier League side last year and helped them stay up for another year.
And that, apparently, seems to be the criteria to become a Member of the British Empire in the Queen’s birthday honours. Yes, that’s right – David Healy MBE.
So why the hell has Havvy still not got a gong?
Has David Healy brought glory and honour to his country be winning his sport’s ultimate prize? Has he captained his national side in a World Cup final? Has he enjoyed a trophy-laden career which has lasted far longer than his many of his contemporaries’? Is he still putting his neck on the line (literally) every time he goes out to perform the sport he’s dedicated his life to?
Now I’m quite prepared to believe that HM doesn’t cancel all engagements every Monday night so she can sit in and watch Sky Sports’ Elite League coverage. Or that she argues with Prince Phil about the merits of Hans Andersen over Tomas Gollob.
But if she’s prepared to dish out gongs to people in gymnastics, rowing, bowls and clay pigeon shooting, why should speedway be any different? Maybe she was a Harringay fan and is still narked at seeing the old stadium pulled down to make way for a supermarket.
Gary Havelock deserves a medal. That’s not an opinion, it’s fact. Ask your science teacher to add up the coefficients – the answer will come out as Havelock G.
So, fellow speedway fans and people who are on the side of justice and comon sense, it’s time to take control and campaign to give Gaz a gong.
Click here and you’ll find a nomination form. Fill it in and get it sent off.


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