On the right track?

HOW many times have you sat back and said: “If I won the Lottery, the first thing I’d do is open a speedway track”?

I’ve lost count. I don’t even think the Lottery had been invented the first time I uttered those words.
I can even recall a particularly tepid pre-season friendly football match between Basildon United and West Ham that a colleague and I were covering for our respective publications. We spent the whole match discussing how we could turn the ground into a speedway stadium.
We had the pits sorted out, where the tapes would be – even the additional toilet blocks and track shop. I think we’d even designed the racejackets before the final whistle was blown.
But after speaking to Glyn Taylor this morning, I’m glad I’ve not won the Lottery. By not getting those winning numbers, I’ve saved myself a lot of trouble.
Regular readers of this blog (my thanks to both of you) will know that I like to keep it as light-hearted as possible. But now it’s time to get serious.
Glyn has invested more time, money and effort into Redcar Bears than most of us will ever have. When he told me this morning “that’s it, I’m done”, I was shocked to the core.
I’d only phoned to ask if Paul Clews was guesting tonight. There have been rumours of course, but I wasn’t expecting this.
So far from the satifaction of sitting back and watching the action at his very own track while smoking a cigar and making a tidy sum at the same time, he’s been grinding his way through gruelling 80-hour weeks and having sleepless nights.
Oh, and with little foreseeable chance of getting back the huge investment he’s already ploughed into the club either.
And having had to put up with biting criticism from those who think they know better, publicly telling him what he’s doing wrong.
Glyn is a great guy. If there was a scientific formula to chemically and biologically create great guys, Glyn would be the outcome of every equation.
That’s why it’s a very sad day it has come to this. No-one is saying there must be a blanket ban on any thought processes that suggest everything in Bears Land is anything but hunky dory. And no-one is beyond criticism.
But what we must do now is support Glyn and whoever may come into the club to assist him or buy him out. And avoid buying a Lottery ticket at all costs


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