Burn baby burn

RIGHT, where’s my checklist? OK – can of kerosene, box of matches, effigy of Brian Havelock, baying mob of restless natives calling for blood… Let’s go!

Oh, hang on a minute, we won. Won’t be needing those, then.
The reaction to last week’s home defeat by Somerset in some quarters was so savage that you wouldn’t have ruled out such scenes of madness at South Tees Motorsports Park if the Bears had lost to Stoke this week.
We go watch our team because we want to be entertained and we go because we want to see them win. If they lose, we’re sad, if they win we’re happy – so simple it could appear on a modern A-level paper.
So it’s understandable that after losing at home to the Rebels in such dire fashion last week, there were cats all over Teesside cowering behind the couch in fear of a kick from a disgruntled owner. But let’s keep this in perspective here.
Glyn, Havvy and pretty much everyone else promised there would be no repeat. And, if the proof is in the pudding, then last week’s sorry affair was a tough as old boots piece of out-of-date beef dished out with watered down gravy and over-boiled sprouts – and the performance against Stoke was a sticky toffee pudding served by a good looking waitress.
Yeah, there are areas within the team that aren’t as effective as they could be. Even Ray Charles could see that. And there’s nothing wrong with voicing your concerns.
But why go looking for scapegoats and making mountains out of molehills just for the sake of it? There are most certainly some people who live in a land where everyone wears rose-tinted specs, but there are also those who live on Planet Bitter And Twisted.
What on earth would be the reaction if we really were a poor side who raced on a track where there was no passing? “The Evening Gazette can today report that sales of kerosene, matches and materials associated with effigy making have rocketed by 300 per cent…”


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