I’ll drink to that

TO beer or not to beer? That was the question at South Tees Motorsports Park this week.

You could hear an audible gasp of shock and bewilderment from Redcar to Redmarshall when it was announced that fans going to watch the Bears could sniff that sweet smell of burning methanol all night long – but they couldn’t bring their own booze into the stadium.
Apparently there had been a complaint about fans taking their own tinnies – though quite what difference dipping into a coolbag instead of going to the mobile bar near the tapes makes frankly puzzles me just as much as the Rubik Cube ever did (I once tried to peel the coloured stickers off so I could stick them on a different side to pretend I’d done it, but that’s a different story…)
After looking into the complaint it was discovered that the whole of the Motorsports Park area, kart track and all, was deemed licenced premises. And, let’s face it, you wouldn’t walk into your local pub with a four-pack of Stella you’d bought brough Asda, would you?
The main weapon of the booze battlers leading the backlash that followed was that the grog on sale trackside was some way more expensive that Mr Asda or Mr Tesco could sell you it for and was, well, not as chilled as perhaps it could be.
Enter Glyn Taylor, the Bears promoter who had been forced to bring in the new rule, but who was caught slap, bang in the middle of the whole affair.
Warm beer? Too expensive? Leave to me, said Glyn. Well, he is Australian.
And sure enough he came back with a solution – beer prices cut and a new way of keeping it cool (I’d like to think that, being an Aussie, this would involve him nicking shadows of cars, crocodiles and things like they do on that Fosters advert, but I’m led to believe it’s a bit more technical than that).
Being the consumate professional I am, I don’t crack open a can until I get home on a Thursday. But I hope those of you who do will raise a glass/can/bottle to Glyn this week for the way he has nipped a potentially awkward situation in the bud and come up with a workable solution.
If only politicians could work like that! Glyn for Prime Minister! He’d get my vote.


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