Gain – but no pain

THE last time I’d been to Newport I got chased into a dead end by a bunch of mad taffs, hell bent on giving us a couple of black eyes as a souvenir of our visit to South Wales.

The occasion was Newport County versus Leyton Orient and I’d gone along with a couple of fellow jeelied eel botherers because one of them was a big O’s fan. I seem to remember it being one big yawn of a game with the only memorable points of the evening being our spot of unscheduled excercise as we sprinted away from the welcome committee and a rather good good kebab shop.
Last weekend was different of course. Much different.
The Newport Wasps fans were far friendlier than the restless natives I’d met some years earlier so I didn’t need to buy that new pair of trainers after all. A pint of Brains Smooth went down a treat in the bar too, although they rather bizarrely didn’t sell lemonade. It’s obviously not popular down there.
And the sporting fare on offer at the Hayley Stadium was far more memorable than what I’d witnessed when County played the O’s at Somerton Park.
My mate Anthony Vickers often talks about ‘typical Boro’ – well this was ‘typical Bears’.
Ty at his tigerish best, Havvy showing how it’s done, a last heat decider and a sight of the medical staff on the track. It should the description of Redcar Bears on Wikipedia.
Thankfully Josh and James are OK – and the victory celebrations that followed Havvy’s do or die win in heat 15 summed up the mood on a memorable day.
Far more memorable than getting chased and eating a kebab.


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