He told us he loved us first!

AARON SUMMERS is a speedway slag – one minute he’s eyeing us up with his mates from over the border, the next he’s cosying up next to us and telling us he loves us.

Talk about two timing. First he comes waltzing into our place in his snazzy blue and yellow jacket fit for a king and won’t even give us a second glance.
Then, blow me, if he’s not back five minutes later. . . only this time he’s dressed like us and talking about the start of a beautiful and meaningful relationship, conveniently forgetting to mention he’s still carrying on with that other lot behind our backs.
Such decietful pit-hopping can only end in tears, can’t it?
Well, no actually – because this is speedway. Aaaron Summers is not a speedway slag at all and such brazen brake-free polygamy is not just tolerated, it’s encouraged.
It probably sounds strange – crazy even – to the uniniated that a rider like young Aaron can turn up with Edinburgh to ride against the Bears one night and then be on our side the next when the Cubs entertain Buxton.
It’s like the Boro sticking a Pools or Darlo player in the team to play in the Premier League because he looks like a good prospect.
That would never happen, of course, but in speedway we have rules like doubling up, doubling down, rider replacement and the guest facility because they work.
Footballers can home their skills on the training pitch from dawn ’til dusk every day of the week if they choose. It’s difficult enough trying to run speedway meetings once a week from March to October without Mrs Pratt from No 23 complaining the dust is bringing on her little Jimmy’s asthma and Mr Burke from five miles away moaning that he can’t hear his telly because of the noise those maniacs on bikes are making – imagine what it would be like trying to use our stadia more regularly!
Quirky, crazy, mad it may appear – but anything that gives young riders the chance to progress and tracks the opportunity to flourish gets my vote.


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