Bring on the Geordies

HOW many times will Josh be our lowest scorer this season.And how many times will Havvy not get double figures?

My guess is that, in both instances, the answer is ‘very few’.
Of course it was very disappointing to lose at Stoke last night – especially as it’s a track the Bears have tradionally gone well on and were, in fact, six points up at one stage.
We can’t even think about winning the bonus point either, since that reward for winning on aggregate has gone the way of the white helmet colour and the JAP.
But it was the lads’ first match of the new season and boss Brian Havelock had already expressed his concern that his side had not had time to blow away the winter cobwebs.
So, looking at it that way, that’s our first match out of the way with. And the biggest plus points came in the form of new Aussies Ty and Arlo.
Ty would surely have lived up to his five-point assessed average had he not touched the tapes in his final race, while Arlo’s paid six return was double his CMA of three.
There’s plenty more in the tank, as it were, and I thin k we have every reason to be encouraged.
Right, I’m off to find my warmest coat, big hat and gloves ready for the trip to Newcastle!


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