Welcome to In The Pits

SPEEDWAY – It’s that throwback to the 1950s, isn’t it?
A sport stuck in an era when everyone wore a hat, smoked a pipe and – if you were over 25 – thought Elvis was not so much the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll as a hip-wiggling ne’er do well who needed a good wash.
That’s right isn’t it?

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! Course it’s not!
Speedway may not drag the crowds in like it did back in the day but, hey, how many kids gave an Elvis concert a miss because they had a dodgy shoulder from playing on the Wii?
The long-awaited return of shalesport to Teesside after 10 long years of hurt has been a massive success.
New owner Glyn Taylor has some cracking ideas to make the TLS Bears even bigger and better – trust me, he’s told me some of them – and this season could well be the most exciting in the club’s short history.
Now, to reflect that, here at Gazette Towers we’ve put speedway at the forefront of our drive into 21st century cutting edge technology journalism.
We’ve launched In the Pits – our brand new Redcar Speedway blog.
Throughout the season I’ll be following the Bears at home and away and giving you my thoughts and theories on Teesside’s second most popular sporting organisation.
You can still find news, reports and reactions in the paper and elsewhere on this website – but In the Pits gives you that little bit extra. A sort of silver helmet match race at the end of the main event, if you like.
Please feel free to comment on anything I’ve written – I welcome your feedback and, of course, it’s much better to write something here than embarrass me in front of my friends by telling me in person at the stadium.
You’ll also notice some icons below for del.icio.us, Digg, Newsvine, Nowpublic and Reddit.
If you click on them it means millions more people will read this and instantly become speedway fans.
They’ll all come to South Tees Motorsports Park every Thursday, crowds will be bigger than they get at the Riverside, Glyn will buy a new Ferrari and they’ll pull down that silver thing outside Binns and put up a statue of Chris van Straaten instead.
Well, maybe not but you get the picture.
I’ve you’ve enjoyed your first taste of speedway bloggery, thank you – I’m Martin Neal. If you haven’t, I’m Anthony Vickers.


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